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TUFWUD's confidence stems from 60+ years of experience in wood craft".

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Recent Amendment to IS 3614: 2021 - Enhancing Fire Safety through Fully Insulated Doors
In 2021, the IS code for Fire-rated Doors, IS 3614, underwent a significant revision. However, the revised code's dilution of door insulation to 30 minutes posed a severe threat to passive fire safety in dwellings relying on safe escape or rescue.
After 1.5 years of careful deliberation, it rectifies the inaccuracies of IS 3614: 2021 has been introduced. It clarifies the importance of Fully Insulated Doors versus Partially Insulated Doors. It also introduces new requirements for constructing and performance of fully insulated fire doors, including high heat resistance materials and self-closing devices.
This amendment is a significant stride towards improving fire safety in India, ensuring that fire doors offer the highest level of protection during emergencies.

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Tufwud Doors & Accessories Pvt Ltd, formerly Khemka Timber Pvt Ltd (KTPL), started in the year 1954. We started our journey as a manufacturer of durable wooden and plywood-related products. Over the years, Tufwud has transformed into a designer and manufacturer of architectural and seasoned wood products. Tufwud seasoned wood guarantees a minimum life of 10 years which applies to all manufactured architectural doors and frames. These customized ready-to-install doors and frames carry a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. TUFWUD's confidence stems from 60+ years of experience in wood treatment. Our experts work on transformation into door shutters or frames made as per custom specifications. We work on fulfilling all necessary COMPLIANCE requirements.